Joseph R. Neary

Marylyn Overhoff
2220 Douglas Boulevard
Suite 150
Roseville, CA 95661

Dear Ms. Overhoff:

I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of the type of workmanship which Mr Glenn Liebig demonstrated while acting as the general contractor in the building of our new home in TreeLake Village.

As you know, the building of one’s home is a very exciting undertaking. It can also provide one with a somewhat overwhelming feeling. Are the colors right? Does the house sit well on the lot? Will it all come together within the allotted time frame and will it at least be close to budget?

It is the opinion of both myself and my wife (Jeanne) that we could not have selected a better general contractor than Mr. Glenn Liebig. We were first time home builders and we really needed guidance when it came to certain subjects such as overall design of the home, grade of materials, positioning of the home on the lot and landscaping ideas, etc. We needed a fair, honest, and professional general contractor. We found this unique individual in Glenn Liebig. Glenn was always patient, polite and professional when it came to dealing with us in matters pertaining to the house.

We have had numerous comments on the quality of the construction of our new home. These comments come from visitors as well as people simply passing by. Just the other night we had a gentleman comment on the quality of the wood floors. This individual is in the construction business and stated to us that “The person who laid these floors did one heck of a job.” We advised our visitor that the woodwork was exemplary of the type of sub contractor we had work on the house.

They say you can tell how good a general contractor is by the way they react to your callback after the home is completed. If this is the case, then we selected an exceptional general contractor in Glenn Liebig. It’s not uncommon for him to respond to our requests that very same day and in some cases within hours. Glenn is a solid, professional contractor in the true sense of the word.

If you would like to speak to either my wife or I about Glenn’s work please feel free to contact us.


Joseph R. Neary
Copperfield Circle
Granite Bay, CA 95661