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Glenn Liebig, general contractor Sacramento CA. The Company

Founded in 1983, Liebig Construction Company began building and designing homes within the Sacramento valley and surrounding areas. As reflected in the client testimonials,  Glenn soon developed the reputation for delivering exceptional quality workmanship in home construction, while providing his clients their homes on time and within budget.  This high level of customer satisfaction is largely attributed to Glenn’s collaborative approach and his honest  and open communication efforts throughout the building process. 

Glenn Liebig, general contractor Sacramento CA.The Driving Force  

From the beginning of Glenn’s career search, he was seeking an occupation that would be fulfilling, interactive and one where he could enjoy the fruits of his labor for many years to come.  Designing and building homes and structures was a way for him to encompass the creative process he was seeking.  ”There is an enormous amount of satisfaction derived from building; starting with the idea, implementing action steps and ultimately seeing the end results.  I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people along the way both as clients and as sub contractors.”  

It is this driving force that ensures Glenn and his team pay close attention to every detail of the building process from start to completion of each project.

Glenn Liebig, general contractor Sacramento CA.Building Philosophy/Core Values

Every project at Liebig Construction begins with the idea…