George Peate

Mr. Glenn Liebig
273 Cimmaron Circle
Folsom, CA 95630

Dear Mr. Liebig:

Our records indicate that you have held a California contractors license for 8 years and that your Contractor’s License Bond has written by our company since 1990.

Of greater importance to you – and to us – is the fact that the official records of the Registrar of Contractors indicate that your contractors’s license is in good standing with no record of violations of California law and no prior record of disciplinary suspension or revocation. This is an exemplary record of which you should be rightly proud.

In recognition of your preferred contractor status we enclose an “Official Contractors License Record” card. We believe this material evidence of your fine contracting record may well make the difference in your getting the job over a lesser qualified or unlicensed contractor.

In conclusion, Mr. Liebig, we consider you an A+ contractor and invite you to apply for contract, performance, or labor and the material bond you may require.There is no other surety company with whom you will have greater credibility than our company.

Call me when the need arises.

Very truly yours,
George Peate
Vice President – Underwriting